UISG Projects: Safeguarding

UISG Projects: Safeguarding


Our mission is to serve men and women in congregational leadership and to provide education and training in the area of safeguarding.

We focus on the many aspects of abuse which can occur including sexual, spiritual and psychological abuse.


"And as we devise new strategies, we discover that we still need to re-establish the initial covenant of a life based on 'we', on mutual service, and also on respect for the rules we have embraced.

Yes, because it is also about rules, and how can we deny it when we listen to the suffering of superiors who find themselves in the situation of having to pursue sisters who disappear, who create their own kingdoms, who lead double lives, who feed their own bank accounts, who aspire to positions of power for prestige or personal interests?"


Care and Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults


Sr. Tiziana Merletti, sfp


Claudia Giampietro

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