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Bulletin Archive


UISG Bulletin 182: Walking Together in the Wisdom of the Spirit


Synod means walking together. It is the Spirit of the Risen Lord that resets us on our way,  as he did with the Emmaus Disciples. After recognising the Lord, they understood that  their mission could only be completely fulfilled by walking towards others, and in the community.

It is the Spirit that builds the kingdom of God in history and makes us all disciples, at Jesus’ feet, to listen to Him, to live His Word and to bring His proclamation of mercy to all.
It is the Spirit that makes us walk together towards the experience of communion, of 
welcoming and of inclusion.

The synodal journey never ends. The Holy Spirit will continue to drive us towards the  fullness of our life and of our mission. Mary, the woman inhabited by the Spirit, the woman of listening, teaches it to us. She, our model in the journey of faith, is “blessed” because “she believed in the fulfilment of what the Lord told her” (Luke 1:45). She walked humbly with her God, letting herself be led by the breath of the Spirit, who realised in her the first masterpiece of redemption.


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