IADC, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, and UISG launch E-Learning Unit for Religious Sisters

IADC, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, and UISG launch E-Learning Unit for Religious Sisters


Press release


The Institute of Anthropology (IADC), in association with the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and the International Union of Superiors General (UISG), is pleased to announce the launch of an e-Learning educational unit for religious women. 


For more than 12 years now, the IADC has offered e-Learning educational units to ecclesiastical and non-ecclesiastical institutions interested in implementing a blended formation for child sexual abuse prevention. 
Due to their flexibility, these teaching units can be adapted to various formative needs.


Developed by an interdisciplinary team of international experts, this variation of the e-Learning educational program equips religious women with basics about safeguarding and prevention in the context of their lives and works.


The purpose of the e-Learning educational units for religious women is not to explain safeguarding as an abstract issue but rather include it as a core element in their religious formation. 


The units center on three core principles: My Faith, My Vows, & My Community. Each of these principles will explore themes, such as the connection of one’s faith, vows, and community with safeguarding; the threats facing those core principles; and empowering religious women to use those core principles in implementing safeguarding guidelines. 


“We are grateful to the Hilton Foundation and the UISG in the development of this e-Learning program for religious women,” said Father Hans Zollner, SJ, IADC director. “Through this shared commitment, we hope that Safeguarding is viewed as not just an addition to one’s religious formation, but as a fundamental element of it.”


“We are thrilled to support the development and dissemination of safeguarding training, principles, and practices as a fundamental tenant of both initial and ongoing formation in religious life,” said Sr. Jane Wakahiu, LSOSF, PhD, Associate Vice President of Program Operations & Head Catholic Sisters Initiative at the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

“Collaborating with IADC and UISG, we aim to cultivate holistic formation that upholds a culture that respects the dignity and protection of minors and vulnerable adults in our communities while making the training available to sisters worldwide,” she added. 

Sr. Patricia Murray, IBVM, UISG Executive Secretary said: "UISG is proud to be associated with this important initiative. Thanks to the IADC and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, formators now have well tested materials developed by experts to use at different levels of formation. Making the link between faith, vows, community and safeguarding, emphasizes our responsibility as women religious to create a culture of care wherever we are."


The collaboration between the Institute of Anthropology (IADC), the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) marks an important milestone in the field of safeguarding education for women religious. The launch of the e-Learning educational unit underlines the shared commitment to integrating safeguarding principles into religious formation.


By focusing on the fundamental principles of faith, vows and community, this initiative aims to give religious women around the world the means to defend the dignity and to protect minors and vulnerable adults in many different contexts.


The press conference announcing this initiative will be held at UISG headquarters on 24 May at 12 noon, and can be accessed online or on site at UISG headquarters (Ponte Sant'Angelo, 28). 

The conference will be held in English with translation in Italian and interested parties can register by clicking on this link https://uisg.net/24May2024


Refreshments will be available for attending in person. 


Sr. Celestina

I am happy to be part of this programme which is going to help me to renew by religious life.


Siobhan Corkery

I'm happy to receive this invitation. I'm currently missioned to Brazil and will not be available at the time of the zoom, Will the recording be available? Hope so. I am encouraged by the approach - based on the three core principles: My Faith, My Vows, & My Community -and would love to be part of it. Looking forward to hearing from you. Siobhan


Sr. Walburga Ballhausen CPS

safeguarding training should indeed be a basic element in the formation of Religious.


Taziwona Deborah Jamali

I'ld like to join the E- learning

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