We encourage ourselves to be theology

We encourage ourselves to be theology


From May 26 to June 2, 2024, UISG held the Second Symposium of Women Religious Theologians in Nemi (Rome, Italy).

Designed as a platform for women religious theologians, the symposium aimed to nurture theological reflection on religious life by making it contextual and practical.


We asked some participants to share a personal reflection on the symposium through both video and written interviews.

Below, we present the one by Sister Mariana Zossi, Dominican Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus.


' [...] What is the essence of our consecrated life, of our religious life? Where can we begin to walk together?

I believe that if we encourage ourselves to be theology, to build a theology from what is essential, we can incorporate a new ecclesiology, a new way of walking together as Church taking into account Creation so that we not only walk [...] but build a common home.

[...] To start from what unites us as Church: the baptismal experience [...] that we receive in the same way, but, this baptism, we are called to live it in a particular way, not in an excelentia way, but from the call of the Lord who calls us to walk together, to be witnesses of life, to be in the midst of the people.'



Gracias por el compartir y el deseo de una teología integrada en la vida diaria junto al buen sentido de acompañar...

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