Rome Constellation Assembly 2023

Rome Constellation Assembly 2023


Training Processes for Synodal Paths

"The process of synodal reflection has helped us, religious, to assume with renewed awareness the communal nature of religious life which becomes mission and commitment." - Sr. Nadia Coppa, President of UISG


The annual Assembly of the Rome Constellation  took place on the 11th  and 12th  January, titled "Formative Processes for Synodal Paths". More than 80 sisters, Superior General or their delegates, attended the meeting.

The first day featured the reports of:

  • Sr. Carmen Ros Nortes S.N.C on 'How religious life is developing new synodal paths'  and
  • Fr. Amedeo Cencini on 'The integral formation for courageous Synodal paths'.


The following day, as usual, the President and the Executive Secretary of UISG were invited.


Sr. Nadia Coppa presented  the UISG-USG synthesis of the Document of  the diocesan phase of the Synodal journey, which was sent to the Secretariat of the Synod. She said: 
"The way of involvement and participation generated a dynamic reflection. The answer is significant: the Congregations of women and men have responded numerous, work in different ways."


Sr Nadia, in her presentation, touched on the following points:

  • The development of the Document and some significant dates
  • Contents of the text
  • Keywords
  • Processes to start

"The re-reading of experiences has allowed us to rediscover the values, the dynamics, the vitality of processes and the experiences of synodality already experienced.  In telling stories, one recovers the living Memory and the power of the gift and increases awareness and desire", Sr. Nadia said. 

Sr Nadia summarized the points raised by the Document UISG and USG:

  • the strong desire for a deep listening to all, circulation and participation 
  • the need to cultivate the mystery of encounter
  • the need to identify new horizons for the future together
  • the call to encourage the listening of all voices
  • the invitation to let the Spirit shape our identity 
  • the need to heal the sense of belonging
  • the awareness that there is no mission without listening.

Sr Patricia Murray presented UISG today, with her organization, structure and projects. In her presentation, she said: 
"Our Union is one of the fruits of the Second Vatican Council. The first Superior Generals gathered in 1965, in their travels, spoke of UISG so that other Superiors could be added. Today I renew to each of you the same invitation: when you visit other countries, you talk about our organization. Some Superiors, especially of diocesan congregations, do not know us or think that they cannot join, because they are not of pontifical right."

Sr Pat highlighted the different UISG projects, especially the more recent ones: 


  • Sisters Advocating Globally, which aims to form sisters around the world on the theme of Advocacy and to create a network among sisters already engaged in this mission at International Organizations
  • Catholic Care for Children, which supports the transition from the institutional model to the family model for the care of children
  • Emergency Fund for Congregations operating in Ukraine or other countries but welcoming people from the country at war
  • Re-Igniting Ministries project that aims to financially support projects that have stopped due to the pandemic


In the afternoon the elections of the sisters who will be part of the Coordination of the Constellation of Rome took place. The elected sisters are:



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