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Synod on Synodality


Contributions UISG - USG


"There are seeds of synodality where we present the inclusive and non-exclusive face of the Church."

Cardinals João Braz de Aviz (Prefect of the Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life) and Mario Grech (Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops) sent a joint letter to all the general governments that are members of the USG and UISG, inviting them to "reflect on the exercise of governance within institutes and the relations between the various institutes" (17 January 2022), as a way of actively participating in the Synod process on synodality. 


In fact, even before receiving that letter, from October 2021 until April 2022, the general governments of the various institutes and societies of apostolic life carried out their own processes of dialogue and prayer, sometimes involving members of the Curia, provincial governments or even the entire Congregation. 224 congregations participated, 169 female (75%) and 55 male (25%). The proportion corresponds to the reality of religious life today, since female congregations account for 75% of the total.

Starting in April 2022, a commission, consisting of Gemma Simmonds CJ, José Cristo Rey García Paredes CMF, Maria Cimperman RSCJ and Orlando Torres SJ, prepared a summary of the contributions received, which was then presented to the USG Assembly (May 2022) and the UISG Online Assembly (July 2022). 

Both Assemblies expressed their identification with the results of the consultation and thus count with the strength not only of the congregations that directly participated in the consultation, but of all the congregations belonging to the two Unions, through their Superiors General. 

We wish to express our deepest thanks to the members of the Synthesis Commission for their excellent work and their passion for consecrated life. Thanks also to all the  congregations who actively participated in the consultation. We are equally grateful for the invitation to participate in the synodal process and reiterate, on behalf of the two Unions, our willingness to continue to collaborate in building a more evangelical and synodal Church.


Nadia Coppa ASC - UISG President

Arturo Sosa SJ - USG President

(...) to walk together as the people of God and as consecrated persons

The desire to strengthen the synodal model - to walk together as the people of God and  as consecrated persons - appears in all the conversations summarised here. From this synthesis each Institute and community will be able to continue its reflection and its commitment and efforts in favour of synodality. This movement of the Spirit calls for greater communication and collaboration among all members of the UISG and the USG and its institutes. This will further connect us on the synodal journey to all God's people and to our Common Home. Alleluia!


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Bonsoir. Avant de faire mon commentaire, je remercie beaucoup UISG et USG, qui se sont donnés corps et âme pour nous donner la synthèse de leur méditation de Synode sur la synodalité. Ce thème m'est très utile pour nous qui vivons dans des pays où il y a beaucoup de sectes, des églises de reveuilles, des non chrétiens. Nous sommes invités à vivre l'œcuménisme, la solidarité, l'entraide mutuelle, à se découvrir Frère, sœur, du même Père. Même dans nos communauté respective, différente culture, caractère, tribus, langue, nous sommes invités à vivre chaque jour cette différenciation, et recevoir l'autre comme cadeau que Dieu me donne.


Mario Chiaro

Grazie per la preziosa documentazione. Mario Chiaro, redattore della rivista per la vita consacrata TESTIMONI del Centro editoriale Dehoniano Bologna.



Looking forward for this enriching experience


Geraldine Smyth OP

Thank you for all who prepared the final documents and for sending this. I look forward to reading and reflecting on it personally and with others.

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