CCCI Interviews: Sr. Euphrasia Masika, DST

CCCI Interviews: Sr. Euphrasia Masika, DST


Catholic Care for Children International is a growing global network of Catholic Sisters who are setting aside institutional approaches to caring for children in favor of family- and community-based care.

CCCI provides a place of collaboration, where network partners share knowledge and support each other as they create and implement effective models of care. CCCI also reaches out to build awareness about the importance of family-centered care and to invite religious institutes with a charism of care to become part of the Catholic Care for Children network.


In the series of interviews, we would like to present some of the CCCI Coordinators, their work and their take on family-centered care.

Meet Sr. Euphrasia Masika, DST, Program Director of CCCI Uganda


"Having children back in families is not a one man's job - it's not only the sisters who have to do it all alone. From my experience, there is a need for joined effort. (...) For example, it may happen that the child is back with its family, but the family will not have enough money for this child to study as high as the university level. So we need also partners, education sector, who will make sure that this child will receive the education he or she needs."


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