UISG Bulletin 178

UISG Bulletin 178: Special edition on UISG Plenary 2022


In the newest issue of the Bulletin we publish the texts of the conferences presented at the UISG Plenary Assembly, held in Rome from 2 to 6 May 2022, on the theme “Embracing Vulnerability on the Synodal Journey”, among others:


Sr. Nurya Martínez-Gayol, ACI
Spirituality of Synodality

The synodal journey is a path of conversion, change, abandonment of ways and structures that gave us security but that have become, on some occasions, fruitless and, on others, constitute obstacles if we intend to advance in synodality, together in a search for more participative and inclusive forms that allow us to walk “with everyone,” and to take charge of reality “with all.”

Sr. Mª Carmen Mora Sena, HCSA
The Leader’s Vulnerability During the Pandemic

What I have experienced leads me to discover that vulnerability makes synodality possible because it makes it clear that we need to walk together and to count on the wealth, support, light, and contribution of others; and it strengthens my conviction that this is the path of leadership that Religious Life needs today, it is the one that brings us closer and opens us to others and lets God take the reins of our Congregations and of the service we offer to the world.


Sr. Anne Falola, OLA
Vulnerability as a Missionary

We are all vulnerable before a human history that classifies us as victims and villains, oppressed and oppressors, rich and poor, civilized and uncivilized, etc. As missionaries, we are called to build communion in this diversity embracing its beauty and fragility.


Sr. Siham Zgheib

On two occasions, the Major Superiors have asked us to leave Aleppo if we felt in danger or if we were afraid. Each time and after a moment of discernment and prayer, we chose to stay; and our answer was: “In the time of darkness, we will not change a decision we have made in the light.” We have offered our lives to Christ. We shall not take them back.


Sr. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM
Report on UISG Initiative: Sowing Hope for the Planet

Sowing Hope for the Planet is a project in which all Sisters whose congregations are members of UISG and their connections, are provided an opportunity to actualize Laudato Si’ and to make a difference in our care of the planet. Our goal is “to become painfully aware, to dare to turn what is happening to the world into our own personal suffering and thus to discover what each of us can do about it.” (LS 19).


Sr. Yolanta Kafka, RMI - Sr. Pat Murray, IBVM
Report for Plenary Assembly 2022 

More and more, we realize that through our contacts with the reality on the ground, through our interdependence as congregations, that we can bring our concerns about the needs of people and the planet to many different meetings and contexts. The prophetic nature of religious life, calls us as Superiors General/Congregational Leaders to mobilize ourselves as a global sisterhood.


The Bulletin is available in 7 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch.


Sheila McCreanor

Many thanks for this - I look forward to reading and pondering the riches.

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