Plenary Talks: Dr. Ted Dunn

Plenary Talks: Dr. Ted Dunn


In this series, we will present the talks presented during the UISG Plenary Assembly in Rome in May 2022.

All the talks are available in the newest issue of the UISG Bulletin.


Embracing Our Vulnerability and Its Transformative Potential - Dr. Ted Dunn


You have chosen a theme that is completely contrary to the prevailing paradigm of our world. Embracing our vulnerability, speaks to me of the essence of humanity and the very heart of transformation. Embracing our vulnerability requires that we embrace the fullness of our being: life’s beauty and austerity, the full cycle of surrender, gestation, and birth, and all manner of anguish and love.


With each new cycle of life, in order for us to grow, we must not only humbly recognize our vulnerability, we must also embrace it.


In other words, embracing our vulnerability, is part and parcel of the inner and interpersonal work of transformation. It is not a question as to whether or not you like being vulnerable. The question is: Can you see the value in it and, therefore, will you choose to embrace this kind of heart-work for the transformative potential it holds?



Dr. Ted Dunn


Licensed clinical psychologist and co-founder of Comprehensive Consulting Services in Trinity, Florida. He has over thirty years of experience providing consultation,  training and facilitation services to religious communities and other faith-based organizations  throughout the United States and internationally. He regularly writes, presents, and works with  leadership teams and congregations at all levels. His current focus is on guiding communities who are discerning God’s call to new life through processes of deep change and transformation.


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