How are the Girls?

How are the Girls?


Hybrid event

A Study on the Rights of Girls during the COVID-19 Pandemic in six countries, promoted by four International Women Religious Congregations.


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7 December 2022, 11:00am - 1:00pm (Rome time)




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PARTICIPATION IN PRESENCE at UISG Headquarters (Piazza di Ponte Sant’Angelo, 28, Rome)

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English, Italian and Spanish



The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted every facet of our lives. Many communities, mostly in the South of the world, and among them particularly girls and young women, have suffered its impacts more than others. Upholding the dignity and promoting the well-being of girls is at the core of the mission of the four Congregations that promoted the international research “How are the Girls?’ - A Study on the Rights of the Girls during the Pandemic in six countries, hosted by the UISG International Union Superiors General.
All four congregations have been working for decades in support of girls in the most vulnerable communities across the world and have realized this unprecedented multi-congregational research initiative to understand the conditions of the girls in their care, with regard to their basic rights during the pandemic crisis.

The results and findings of the study will be presented in a panel discussion, involving the project core team and the research team, human rights and advocacy experts, with contributions from the girl participants in the survey and the local research coordinators from the different countries.


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