Synod 2021-2024

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Read News Monday 11 December 2023 Experiences from the Synod Assembly Read News Friday 24 November 2023 Second day of the joint meeting: Inspiring Encounter with Pope Francis and Testimonies of Hope Read News Wednesday 22 November 2023 An insight into the experience of the Synodal Assembly Read Vatican News Monday 30 October 2023 Synthesis Report of the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops Read Vatican News Thursday 26 October 2023 Synod: Letter to the People of God Read News Tuesday 24 October 2023 Meeting of women participating in the Synod Read Other News Tuesday 17 October 2023 Women's voices being heard at Vatican's big meeting on church's future, nun says Read News Wednesday 04 October 2023 Opening Mass Synod 2023 Read News Monday 02 October 2023 Participation, governance, authority Read News Thursday 28 September 2023 5 women religious representing UISG to participate in the First Session of the Synod on Synodality Read News Thursday 28 September 2023 Declaration from the UISG President on the participation of the UISG in the First Session of the Synod on Synodality Read News Thursday 21 September 2023 Synod of Bishops 2023: Some new features Read Vatican News Thursday 21 September 2023 Synod 2023: List of participants Read News Wednesday 20 September 2023 Walking together towards the Synod Read News Friday 15 September 2023 Communion that Radiates Read News Wednesday 02 August 2023 The Spirituality of Inclusion Read News Wednesday 26 July 2023 September and October: Preparing for and Living the Synodal Experience Read Other News Tuesday 18 July 2023 Together: Prayers elsewhere in the world Read Vatican News Wednesday 21 June 2023 Continuiamo ad allargare la tenda Read Vatican News Tuesday 20 June 2023 Instrumentum Laboris for the Synod 2023 Read Vatican News Friday 16 June 2023 Press conference: Presentation of the Synod Instrumentum Laboris and Methodology Read Vatican News Wednesday 31 May 2023 With Mary towards the Synodal Assembly Read News Tuesday 16 May 2023 Sr Nadia Coppa on EWTN News Read Other News Friday 05 May 2023 Together - Gathering of the People of God Read News Friday 05 May 2023 UISG appoints Maria Cimperman for the synodal committment initiative Read News Wednesday 03 May 2023 A tent that is enlarging Read Vatican News Monday 17 April 2023 Synodality is radically inclusive Read Other News Wednesday 29 March 2023 Together - Gathering of the People of God Read News Friday 02 December 2022 Interculturality, Leadership and Vows: Liability or Richness Read Vatican News Thursday 01 December 2022 Camminare insieme: presentazione libro Papa Francesco Read News Thursday 03 November 2022 Hopes and Tensions of the Document for the Synodal Journey Read News Saturday 29 October 2022 Prions pour une Église synodale Read News Thursday 27 October 2022 Enlarge the space of your tent Read News Saturday 15 October 2022 Recemos por una Iglesia sinodal Read News Saturday 08 October 2022 Prayer for the Synod Read News Saturday 01 October 2022 Preghiera per il Sinodo Read News Wednesday 28 September 2022 Synod on Synodality: Contributions UISG-USG Read News Thursday 01 September 2022 Cardinal Hollerich: Deep gratitude to the USG and UISG Read News Friday 26 August 2022 We are a Church in Synod Read Vatican News Wednesday 24 August 2022 Synodal Process: Presentation of the Continental Stage Read Other News Wednesday 03 August 2022 ACWECA's Leadership Retreat on Synodality Read News Wednesday 13 July 2022 UISG Plenary: Final Step Read News Monday 27 June 2022 Course: Building a synodal Church Read News Monday 23 May 2022 Intervista: Prenderci cura delle ferite dell'umanità Read News Thursday 07 April 2022 Second meeting of the UISG Plenary: Synodality Read News Monday 04 April 2022 Biblical Resources for Synodality Read News Thursday 24 March 2022 Synodal Journey and Religious Life Read News Wednesday 09 March 2022 UISG USG Synodal Journey Read