Sisters from Ukraine


Currently, the situation of the sisters in Ukraine, in Zabłotów and in Kosovo, is relatively stable. All the time the sisters are on standby and watching, because sirens and alarms alert the inhabitants of danger. When this happens, the sisters from Zabłotów go down to their shelter – the basement.


The towns where our sisters are located do not have strategic points, airports, weapons depots, factories or military places, hence there is no such threat as in other parts of Ukraine with large urban clusters. They also have to watch out for strangers, saboteurs and suspicious people. Local people appreciate the help and presence of our sisters very much; they are their support, and they give hope and encouragement.


The sisters, together with parishioners and parents of children from the kindergarten, sew camouflage nets for tanks so that they are not visible by the enemy. The sisters also help refugees who came from other parts of Ukraine, where intense hostilities are underway. The sisters from Kosovo supported the children's center in Jabłonica and also help refugees; they have mattresses and meals prepared in the kindergarten rooms.


Every day, the sisters in Przemyśl, Poland, receive refugees from different parts of Ukraine who seek shelter and accommodation for one, two or three nights. These are most often women with children exhausted by the trip to reach the border (about 30 km. on foot), and later by a long wait at the border crossing. Refugees are of different ages and from different nationalities (Ukraine, Africa, Syria, Iraq). From us they go further to places where they will look for permanent housing and work. Polish people from various cities offer both housing, humanitarian, financial and sanitary assistance.


The sisters in the provincial house prepare between 200 and 400 sandwiches every day, which are distributed to refugees directly by our sisters or Caritas volunteers. The sisters also serve refugees with their presence and support, providing not only hot meals, but also spiritual consolation.


Sisters who speak Ukrainian also directly provide information, help in dealing with basic needs and organizational matters, e.g. in further movement to other regions of Poland or to other European countries. Today, for example, we took under our roof two young families with infants – one three-day-old, born in the hospital in Przemyśl, and the other 20-days-old, born in Lviv, Ukraine. The parents are of three nationalities: Ukrainian, Haitian and Iraqi. The sisters also help in the organization and transport of humanitarian aid flowing from various parts of Poland to Ukraine.

We greet you sisters and ask for prayerful support in this difficult time for all of us.

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