Second meeting of the UISG Plenary: Synodality

Second meeting of the UISG Plenary: Synodality


In preparation for the presential meeting, that will take place in Rome in May, the UISG 2022 Assembly had its second online meeting


On the 4th of April, we deepen the Spirituality of Synodality with the moderation of Sr Aurora Torres, S.M.R. The meeting began with the sharing done at the previous session with the Assembly’s theme: Embracing vulnerability in the synodal journey. 


We all are walking together from the different places where each one is despite the great diversity among us. This was the reality sisters contemplated in the opening prayer.

The new technologies helped us to create communion, in a world so threatened by the lack of peace. Jesus confirms and blesses us with his promise to Juliana of Norwich, that despite the suffering caused by sin, all manner of things shall be well.


Fr. James Hanvey, SJ helped us to understand better what Spirituality of Synodality means. “Certainly, as women religious you have much to offer the world”, he said. He also reminded us that we are in a “change of era”, where we feel particularly vulnerable and where many people need our presence to be able to achieve their freedom in God and society. 

Synodality requires us to be more contemplative to be a memory and witness of God’s promise. The synodal journey requires from us to opens to God's future, welcoming those whom the Bible calls Anawim: the poorest both socially and before God.

We need to listen to all and especially give voice to those on the margins. Listening with the heart is essential if we want to learn to exercise discernment as a theological moment and not only as a way of making good decisions. Discerning is always an ecclesial act, which is only possible with humility, truth, and transparency. This requires conversion and faithfulness in small and big things, it requires a new fidelity = "natality".

We are to go beyond what we already know and the well-known beaten track. That is why we need to pray: Come, Holy Spirit. 


The groups followed, full of a rich and varied sharing.


We listen to some of the richness shared and were left with the deep wish that our May meeting will bear many fruits of synodality for our congregations, the Church, and the world. 


Download the Biblical Resources for Synodality


Photos of the second meeting

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