Re-Igniting Ministries

Re-Igniting Ministries


After the extraordinary, emergency financial support that the UISG and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has granted in the last two years to sisters globally, in 2022, after a careful needs assessment an important Initiative has been launched to specifically focus on re-igniting ministries that have suffered because of COVID-19 pandemic.


The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, through the UISG, desires to support Congregations in the continuation of sisters’ precious and essential services during this difficult time.


Congregations whose ministries have been disrupted, suspended or completely terminated due to the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic are entitled to apply for a substantial donation, which can offer a financial relief for two years. 


The supported ministries will have to fall within one of the following four thematic areas:

Education (early childhood education: pre-schools, nurseries, kindergartens),
Health (clinics, hospitals, mobile units, etc.)
Spiritual/Social (centres offering pastoral, counselling and advice services)
Income Generating Projects (farms, handcrafts workshops, etc.)


With this Initiative the UISG would like to strengthen those ministries, which have included in their planning phase a solid sustainability strategy with a long-term engagement in the communities in which they are located.

COVID-19 pandemic had terrible consequences for many, yet ministries that support communities with essential services cannot be terminated by a virus, they require all the support available to be strengthened and re-ignited.

Has your ministry been badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and your Congregation would benefit to receive some financial relief from UISG? 

Here is what you need to do:
- Read the detailed Guidelines
- If eligible, fill in the Application Form & Budget
- Receive the approval by the Superior General of your Congregation
- Send the material to the Constellation’s Delegate in which the ministry is located before the 22nd of April 2022


If you are not aware of who is the Constellation’s Delegate to refer to, please write to gm@uisg.org – please indicate in the email the country in which the ministry/project is located.




Application Form




Sr. Josephine Kwenga

I submitted the application for Sisters of St.Joseph of Tarbes, Kenya early this year and I have not received any feed back, please advise. Thank you.

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