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A new digital identity for the UISG
Today we launch the new logo of the International Union of Superiors General  

Today the UISG is launching a new logo reproducing its acronym 'UISG': a playful dynamic and colourful logo which expresses the new identity of our organisation founded in 1965 and which, today, represents 1903 Superiors General from 97 countries worldwide. 

After a path of reflection and discernment lasted more than a year and a few weeks ahead of the beginning of the UISG Assembly's journey (March-July 2022), we are proposing a 
new digital identity of the UISG, as well as a new web page: www.uisg.org.

Three are the principles that the logo represents:

1.Infinity: the movement of the four letters that compose the acronym UISG evokes the symbol of infinity,

2.Unity: the four letters are always joined and symbolise the sense of participation, inclusiveness and solidarity among its members,

3.Community: the diversity of colours express interconnection and internationality. Each letter has its own colour but it is closely linked to the others.

Sr Jolanta Kafka, UISG President, states: "Our history as UISG, is rooted in the last century but one of the promises it made to itself was that it would adapt to the times, 
new contexts and emerging changes without modifying its original essence, its very reason for being: internationality, communion and mission. We are aware that digital communication, today, plays an essential role for the mission of Religious women in the world".

The new identity of the UISG aims at combining tradition and modernity, past and present, unity and internationality; so that all 1903 member Congregations can feel that important sense of belonging that makes us 'one in multiplicity'.

Patrizia Morgante, UISG Head of Communications, asserts: "In recent years we have witnessed a growing awareness of Religious women, on the importance of both internal and external communication for the mission. This is why we consider digital communication as a mission: the care of the images and content we publish on digital platforms requires our attention and professionality."
We have also decided to combine the colours, representing each language we use, to involve not only UISG members but all those who support us and wish to get to know us, while keeping 
green for English, yellow for Italian, blue for French, red for Spanish and orange for Portuguese.
In deciding to launch a 'rebranding' operation, it goes unsaid that some elements remain unchanged while others instead, follow a natural evolution: we want the new identity to convey 
what the UISG is today and that the logo expresses with simplicity and straight-forwardness.


Press folder: https://bit.ly/3qTNK7M 

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