Workshop on Interculturality in Nairobi

Workshop on Interculturality in Nairobi


UISG is organizing an in-person workshop on interculturality from November 4 to 10, 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya. UISG has previously conducted interculturality formation globally, but this time chosen Nairobi to bring together Sisters from East and South Africa with diverse backgrounds, experiences, congregations, ages, and ethnicities. The goal is to promote awareness of the need to learn interculturality in consecrated life.

This interculturality formation is significant for consecrated life because it enables witnesses to demonstrate that living together as brothers and sisters is possible despite everyday challenges, differences, and conflicts. It calls for embracing forgiveness, self-awareness, and the enrichment of one's own culture by embracing and enriching other cultures. In a divided world marked by wars, violence, varying religions and ethnic groups, consecrated women aim to embody Gospel values, fostering a spirit of unity among all God's children through welcoming, learning from and challenging differences.


The UISG hopes that by adopting intercultural formation and skills, it can contribute to creating a more inclusive world where differences are embraced and people can journey together in unity.

Listen to Sister Paula talk about the workshop:

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