Women Religious Theologians Initiative

Young Women Religious Theologians Intiative


This UISG theological initiative, with the funding of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, gathers more than 29 Women Religious Theologians from around the globe.

The aim is to reflect theologically on Religious Life taken into account different contexts and cultures enabling the sisters to write and present academic pieces and also be a resource for Congregations on Consecrated Life.


This Women Religious Theologians Initiative wishes, in the present moment of the World, Church, and Consecrated Life, to awaken new dawns of hope for Religious Life, nurturing the dialogue and reflection between Women Religious Theologians, Superior Generals, the Church, and Theology. 


Sr. Pat Murray ibvm, as Executive Secretary of UISG, says:

"UISG began to search for the “new voices,” - women religious who were writing or presenting on religious life today from different cultural perspective, they were aware that there was a dirt of written materials and a lack of younger presenters. And so began the adventure of creating something new – an international multi-cultural community of sister theologians – who would begin to reflect together on the meaning and purpose of religious life today."



Sr. Marren Rose Akoth Awiti, IBVM was among the participants of the 2022 Symposium. She shares:


"Listening to different theologians, coming from different parts of the globe and disciplines of theology enriched me and my vision.
I see the women theologians interacting more with the Church from the context of the experiences, so that we are able to interpret with the theological reflection the issues that are affecting women religious today."


Read more about the first Women Religious Theologians’ Symposium in Rome organized by the UISG.


Sr. Jane Wambugu

Questa è una bellissima iniziativa!

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