Economy of Francesco: Bringing a soul to the economy.

Economy of Francesco: Bringing a soul to the economy.


“We must be a bridge between Earth and heaven, between rich and poor people. We must unite, not separate”

On September 27th, the webinar “Economy of Francesco: Bringing a soul to the economy" took place online, offering the almost 250 participants the opportunity of listening to the experiences and testimonies of those who participated in the global meeting “Economy of Francesco – Pope Francis and young people from all over the world for the economy of the future”, which was held in Assisi from September 22nd to September 24th, 2022.


Sister Claudia Maria Mundo analyzed the topic of trade circles in Christian life, a resource that, especially in our current times, must be considered as a gift we return, shifting our focus from “I” to “We” and welcoming others, sharing with them.
As a matter of fact, “consecrated life embraces and involves lifestyles of deep communion, not of mere peaceful coexistence.”


Sister Nanadeinotuemi Mary Pabor focused on the question of finance: “we are all urged to rely on financial resources as a source of welfare, adapting them to everyone’s needs”, since these resources must be a tool for everyone’s benefit, without any distinction, so that all people may live a dignified life, characterized by equality, peace, and environmental justice.

Sister Mariana Eva, analyzing the relationship between economy and families, explained that the event of Assisi was able to welcome and give room to diversity, enabling everyone to offer their own contribution and enriching all participants that listened to the event; this attentive form of listening will need to be implemented also in the future, after this event.

Sister Khaisia Shivonje Juliana reflected on the role of sisters inside congregations, to promote an economy that triggers real change: “we need to focus on the kind of service we can offer the members of our congregation, and this must give us happiness. Women do have a role in economy, but we need to cooperate. We must challenge the current policies, promoting sustainable relationships as women involved in our society.”


In agreement with Sister Khaisia, Sister Anu Anet Lepcha closed her speech by stating that “we must be the ones who will bring about change in ourselves and in our world; we must not drop this call and appeal”, because the challenge of building a religious community, working on and developing programs to be jointly implemented and supporting young entrepreneurs, is the most important challenge of our times.

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