Go out and walk towards freedom

Go out and walk towards freedom


Interview with Sr. Gabriella Bottani, a Comboni Missionary. From 2015 to 2022 she was the International Coordinator of Talitha Kum. Today the role is held by Sr Abby Avelino, mm.


"I always felt strongly about this dimension of sisterhood, which is born and built from spiritual life. Today is the festival of light. I believe that it is really this light of hope that even in the darkest darkness, in moments of crisis, when there is a lack of money for projects, because this also happens, having the light on Hope means that before the word of violence, the brutality of violence, there is a response that is that of the Gospel, that is that of peace, that is that of dignity, of solidarity.

I always believed, and experienced in my missionary life, the importance of collaboration and networking. 

I carry in my heart one of the most dramatic experiences, when I entered there was this young woman who had painted the triptych and was holding a two-year-old baby in her arms. I thought it was his daughter, the young woman was between 15 and 16 years old. However, they told me that she was the youngest girl rescued from sexual exploitation. This is an image that I carry in my heart, not only because of the drama, but also because of the tenderness of two people who accompany each other in this process, exchanging the tenderness and affection of someone who knows how hard it is to go out and walk towards freedom."

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