A tent that is enlarging

A tent that is enlarging


 "We are all called to become an active part of a relational, inclusive and dialoguing Church."


We welcomed with great joy and gratitude the press release from the Synod’s General Secretariat concerning the XVI Synodal Assembly of Bishops, which will be held in Rome next October. While maintaining the "episcopal nature", the Assembly will see the participation, as members with voting rights, of consecrated and religious women and men, of whom half must be women. 

On behalf of the Executive Board of the International Union of Superiors General, I express my gratitude and appreciation for this choice. This decision, promulgated by Pope Francis, to enlarge participation in the Synodal Assembly, is the outcome of our ongoing rich reflection, as the People of God, and it is a concrete response to the discernment and desire for inclusiveness that is emerging at various levels.

The tent is really enlarging, widening, and this arises wonder at God's action in history, generating enthusiasm and positivity because it renews the desire to grow as a dialoguing Church, capable of disseminating a way of being, of working together - in listening and in participation - orienting towards pastoral choices that respond to our current reality and time.

In addition, the presence of a substantial group of women with the right to vote is an unprecedented provision that enriches ecclesial dynamism, manifesting openness and readiness to welcome God’s newness in gradually renewing the Church by revealing its full richness.

We believe that this novelty confirms the importance of the process of listening and participation that we have been pursuing for two years now, and is an expression of the circularity of the Church that with its diversity, is called to be a missionary witness of Christ’s centrality.

We believe that synodality, the essence of the Church and its constitutive reality, is first and foremost an experience of the Spirit. It is an open path that is woven through encounter, sincere dialogue, inner conversion and sharing that broadens the vision and opens up new horizons of communion. 

Enlarging participation means giving the opportunity to continue deepening this engaging movement of the Spirit in a process of ecclesial communion that makes us a prophetic presence in a world in constant transformation.

The new members, in fact, will be able to contribute by sharing experiences and insights gained in these years of listening within the synodal processes developed at various levels, and bringing other lights and other richness to the sapiential discernment of the Church and its pastors.

Synodality is a prophecy for today's world: only through unity in Christ does plurality among the body’s members become meaningful. From this unity in plurality, with the power of the Spirit, the Church is called to serve the Gospel by witnessing a new style of relationship. 

This openness is an encouraging reminder that we are all called to become an active part of a relational, inclusive and dialoguing Church, a Church that lets itself be transformed by the Spirit to be an expression of communion and fraternity, open to serve God and people, without leaving anyone behind. 


Sr Nadia Coppa, ASC - UISG President


Manoela Nunes fdcc

Gratidão! É graça do Espírito que está presente que nos impulsiona pela sabedoria do Papa Francisco para um olhar além.


Maria Luisa García



Sr. Mary Fatta, CSJ

I am grateful to the leadership of Pope Francis and the spirit of Vatican II for the new beginnings of our synodal Church.


Eleanor Gleeson

I applaud this new movement in our Church. Earlier our Leadership asked me to gather, encourage and enable submission of our collective ideas to our Diocesean Synod Committee. A few sisters wondered if it was worthwhile, but several of us preseved and now it is delightfully rewarding to know that we too contributed to this transformative moment.


Sr. Immaculate CFMSS

Wow... its a good decision and good initiative by Pope Francis. practical step to enlarge the tent of the Church.





Leela Kottoor

. Very happy to see the broadening of the church in the synodal path; ew form of living our Vow of poverty from the side of its enrichment,


Ann Keys

So pleased to get this information. Please God, we will see some movement in the church, that will meet the spiritual needs of the people of today.


Fedora Tomasoni

Veramente ringraziamo il Signore per l'azione dello Spirito Santo e la docilità di Papa Francesco.


Ir Silvia Helena de Sousa

O Espirito Santo conduz a Igreja no dinamismo e abertura para o novo dos nossos tempos. Abençoadas sejam as iniciativas do Papa Francisco.


Maria Yaneth Moreno Rodriguez

Sono felice che la tenda si sta allargando. E come possiamo essere più coinvolti? Siamo certi che le suore che saranno presenti nel sinodo, svolgeranno un ruolo fondamentale. Un abbraccio. Grazie mille. S. Yaneth


Sr. Maria Jessina A C

Very happy and proud that the tent is being enlarged , an opening to a New Horizon.


Sr. Maria Jessina A C

Very happy and proud that the tent is being enlarged


Catherine Pisarczyk,SSJ

Congratulations, promise of prayer, thank you!


Rosa Ortí Mateu, ccv.

Me ha llenado de alegría el comentario de la Hna. Nadia. Ya había leído la decisión del papa de ampliar el número de participantes en al Asamblea del Sínodo. Ser consciente de la acción del Espíritu en la historia, aumenta nuestra esperanza. Gracias, Hna. Nadia


Sr. Meera Plathottam OLP

Very happy to see that greater participation is given to consecrated women in the Synodal Assembly of Bishops by giving them voting rights. Really expanding the tent! Thanks be to God.


Sr. Sebastina Francis

This invitation is very much appreciated since we are one family


Zawadi Barungu

Signe concret de l'action du Saint Esprit. Dieu n'a jamais fait de discrimination entre ses enfants. Que son Esprit nous éclaire toujours. Merci infiniment pour ce partage


Francesca Anna Bello

Fantastico il lavoro dello spirito Santo, sarà un momento prezioso, magari potessi esserci...


Maria Dutra

Thank you


Fatima Santiago

I am so very happy to see the decision of Pope to make the women as voting members in the synodal process. May the Holy Spirit enlighten all who will participate in the synod.


Maria Dulce Adams

Gioisco con tale iniziativa e apertura di Santo Padre! Siamo "chiamati, convocati a diventare parte attiva do una Chiesa relazionale, inclusiva e dialogante..." E arrivata l'ora privilegiata di ascolto a cio' che lo Spirito dice alla Chiesa, come avvertiva del libro dell'Apocalisse. QUESTA,E' L'ORA!


Sr. Nancy Clare IBVM

The Synodal church should be more practical than theoretical at our time. We hope that the fears of letting go the old norm may be consumed by the spirit of openness so that the journey to synodality may end safely and yield more fruits.

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