Socially beneficial Artificial Intelligence

Socially beneficial Artificial Intelligence


"Congregations, parishes, dioceses and the pastoral world in general must keep up with the times and innovate their technologies." - Eng. Riccardo Petricca


A webinar organised by the UISG was held on 29 March with Dr. Riccardo Petricca, a graduate in Telecommunications Engineering and a great researcher in the field of artificial intelligence and pastoral and digital ethics.

The event, entitled "The pastoral and educational challenges of artificial intelligence", conceived as a preparatory to the First International Meeting of the Communication of Religious Life to be held online from 27 to 30 November 2023, developed in three parts: in the first, Prof. Petricca explained some important notions including artificial intelligence, intelligent robotics, cybersecurity and the Metaverse.


During the second part, however, the topic of digital pastoral care was explored in depth: institutions, including religious ones, must today learn not only to conceive of artificial intelligence as a technique that one can choose to use or not use, but as a real environment to be inhabited: "the Church has always been at the forefront in terms of morals and ethics; that is why today we are called upon to deepen these aspects. This is also the work of those who work in and for the Church."



Greetings from India! Thanks a million for the informative and educative webinar, that delivered lot of information about the AI.

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