UISG-LCWR Cognitive Impairment Support Initiative

UISG-LCWR Cognitive Impairment Support Initiative


“Changing minds and transforming lives”


This is an initiative of International Union of Superiors General (UISG) and Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) supported by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. An advisory committee with experts and practitioners in the field of aged care – especially those with experience of accompanying sisters living with some type of cognitive impairment – and sisters in leadership positions are creating this initiative Cognitive Impairment Support Initiative (CISI).


As communities age and a large percentage of us will eventually develop some form of dementia, it is more important than ever to ensure that each sister is able to live her spirituality despite any impairment.


“Changing minds and transforming lives” means reframing our minds and hearts so that we develop new ways of walking with our sisters who are living with dementia, personally and communally.


The initiative aims to make a difference not only for sisters with dementia, but also for the entire community by helping to build dementia-inclusive religious institutes:

  • This is critical to improving the quality of life for sisters with dementia, optimizing opportunities for participation, and remaining part of their congregation, for example, by engaging sisters with dementia in daily activities and spiritual exercises in ways that support and nourish them.
  • It is also about making sure that lay care partners understand the culture of religious life generally.
  • Another important aspect is to ensure that Congregational Leaders, sisters and staff have a comprehensive and updated knowledge of dementia with its subsequent principles of supportive care. Therefore, there needs to be an ongoing education program about dementia and dementia risk prevention, especially since the early stages of dementia are often overlooked because the onset is gradual.


Download the leaflet on the Cognitive Impairment Support Initiative:



Superiors General may find more information in the reserved area of the website



C'est un bon projet qui peut aider nos sœurs


Ursula Sharpe

Dear UISG Thank you for this most important and relevant idea. I would very much like to be part of this initiative due to the numbers suffering from Dementia, past and present, in our Congregation. Yours sincerely Sr. Ursula Sharpe MMM Congregational Leader Medical Missionaries of Mary


Sr. Jane Wambugu

This is a very important and useful resource that will empower us in living more conscious of how to take good care of our elderly and dementia affected Srs.


Sr. Mary Laura Lesniak, SSMN

Thank you for this very timely and much needed initiative.

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