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Towards Full Presence

Towards Full Presence: A Pastoral Reflection on Engagement with Social Media


Towards Full Presence aims to promote a common reflection on Christians’ engagement with  social media, which has become ever more a part of peoples’ lives. Inspired by the parable of the Good Samaritan, the document aims to initiate a common reflection to foster a culture of  being “loving neighbors” also in the digital sphere.

In the social media context, where individuals are often both consumers and commodities, this Pastoral Reflection searches for a faith-filled response. This response begins with being  discerning regarding the stimuli we receive and being intentional listeners.


Attentiveness, together with a sense of belonging, reciprocity, and solidarity are the pillars for building a  sense of community that should ultimately strengthen local communities, capable of becoming drivers of change. Becoming “weavers of communion” through the creativity of love, we can envision new models built on trust, transparency and inclusion, learning to be present in God’s style and bearing the mark of witness.



Watch the recording of the press conference, where the document was presented:

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