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Together: Prayers elsewhere in the world

Together: Prayers elsewhere in the world


On 30 September 2023, an ecumenical prayer vigil will take place in Rome in the presence of Pope Francis and representatives of different Churches, to unite us in praise and silence, in listening to the Word.


Young people aged between 18 and 35 from across Europe, from all Church backgrounds, are invited from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and will be welcomed for a weekend of sharing, to journey together as the people of God.


However, not everyone will be able to travel to Rome for the Together gathering.

In different parts of the world prayer vigils, small or large, in towns or villages, will be held on or around September 30 as a sign of communion with those gathered in Rome and to pray for the synodal process beginning at that time.


Everyone is invited to join the prayers in their local communities or organize one around September 30.



María Pilar Polo

Gozo mucho de unirme a nuestro mundo en oración y con el Papa. Deseo invitar a todas las comunidades de mi Diócesis ya que soy la delegada Episcopal de la Vida Consagrada. el Amor de Dios de que somos signo se traduce en vivencias y actitudes concretas. GRACIAS POR TODAS LAS INICIATIVAS QUE ME ENVIAN

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