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The Pope understands the Church is feminine

The Pope understands the Church is feminine


Article written by sr. Nadia Coppa, asc for Global Sisters Report on the occassion of 10 years of Pope Francis' papacy.


What is striking about Pope Francis is his understanding of the female world, his constant appreciation and desire to see women express their distinctive traits. Every woman is different, but all possess the innate vocation and commitment toward placing the human being at the center of their attention. In family, religious and professional life, women are acknowledged for their ability to open space for others by creating opportunities for authentic and generative hospitality.


Pope Francis is very committed to raising awareness in different cultures for women to be taken into greater consideration, empowering them as protagonists and promoters of choices that lead to real social transformation. They are capable of transmitting values that are the essence of life and, with their introspective capacity, they are able to interpret events by giving them new meanings, identifying concrete ways to reach solutions. 


"Women are able to see things differently than men. Women can ask questions that we men just don't get," he said in a 2015 meeting with youth at St. Thomas University in Manila. This conviction stems from his awareness, shared at the 2016 International Union of Superiors General meeting, that "the Church is feminine; the Church is woman …" That is why the presence of women in church life is not a mere feminist claim, but a right, stemming from baptism and the charisms that the Holy Spirit inspires.

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