The Spirituality of Inclusion

The Spirituality of Inclusion


The talk of sr. Nurya Martínez-Gayol, ACI, presented during the UISG event "Deepening the Plenary", which took place from May 3-5 2023.


In the synodal journey it is not "simply a question of walking together" but rather that this journey is free and mindful, allowing to listen to the Spirit speaking from above and from the intercessions - not only the institutional ones, but also through the Spirit’s presence in every "other" who is also inhabited by the same Spirit-, dialogue (thinking, talking together) among those who journey together, in order to discern the message of the Spirit and move towards a "communion" which is the ultimate goal of this process and journey.


I would like to draw the attention, in the first place, on the fact that this listening, dialogue, discernment and communion will not be true, if not inclusive, if not capable of generating an ever greater and more fraternal "we".

(...) listening, dialogue, discernment and communion will not be true, if not inclusive

The same ecclesiology of communion in which the Church has identified itself since the Second Vatican Council seems to encourage "inclusion" as one of the most adequate means of promoting synodality (Christus Dominus, I, 10). The ITC, too, speaks along the same lines and (Synodality in the life and mission of the Church, 118).


Introducing the dynamic of "inclusiveness" in our "walking together" as a synodal church according to the mission entrusted to us, puts the emphasis on "all" and on a more organic and dynamic presence, less static and functional. In this way it makes us witnesses to that communion in the Spirit which is the synodal lifeblood that enlivens and unifies the ecclesial community.


Martha Gonzalez

Soy religiosa y me gusta leer documentos de formacion. Gracias por todo lo que nos ayuda a crecer


franca littarru

Ottimo intervento che mi ha aperto a cogliere lo spirito del cammino sinodale in ogni realtà quotidiana. Grazie all'UISG di averlo comunicato


Annah Theresa Nyadombo (Dr. Sr.)

Well thought off. Thank you very much. Spirituality is lacking in children, youths and adults. It is a journey of innward formation to make choices and to embrace life in its fulness, living the reality of God's presence in our lives. Thank you we are all striving for the common good in communion we find strength

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