Social Media and Visibility Webinar

Social Media and Visibility


Almost 200 people participated in the webinar "Social Media and Visibility", realized by Communicators for Women Religious and the International Union of Superiors General. We focused on winning strategies and best practices in communication and social media that has aimed to explore and share good communication practices for religious life.


Some communicators of religious life intervened during the training event: Orianne Dyck, Social Media Coordinator, Daughters of St. Paul - Province of the United States and Canada (Boston),  Laura Mor i Iriarte, Director of Catalunya Religió Portal (Barcelona, Spain) and Elisabeth Powers, Manager of Electronic Communications, Congregation S. Joseph (Cleveland, OH) who deepened  topics such as  the creation of content in digital environments in line with the needs and desires of audiences and targets, the use of specific languages and tone of voice in the online world and,  above all, the development of an effective strategic and communicative plan in accordance with a well-defined editorial calendar.


Watch the recording of the webinar HERE

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