Service at the Church in Marrakech

Service at the Church in Marrakech


The earthquake occurred in Morocco two months ago, and 3 thousand people lost their lives. It was a catastrophe. The Church has issued a call for help for the devastated areas.
With this catastrophic situation, many individuals, especially children and women, have become extremely vulnerable as they lost their parents and loved ones. The survivors are so traumatized and vulnerable that they have lost their homes and possessions. The sisters and other Catholic associations are consistently on the ground, working tirelessly.

Sister Maria Trinidad Gonzalez Gonzalez, Daughter of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, a social worker and doctor, tells us about the Church's commitment to the people affected by the natural disaster: "Since the beginning of the earthquake, with the epicenter located in the High Atlas chain, about 72 km southwest of Marrakech, and its impact felt everywhere, reaching Casablanca in the northern part of the country, the Daughters of Charity, in response to a call from the Church of Marrakech, collaborate in ecclesial service.


Our Superior General, Sister Françoise Petit, in coordination with the Visitors from Spain, has promoted the creation of a mobile community that continues to provide continuity and support to the Church of Marrakech.


The arrival of the first sisters who immediately collaborated, under the direction of Father Manuel Corullón, a Franciscan, with Caritas International, Morocco, Germany... The service entrusted to us as sisters is to be the eyes and hearts of the people affected by the earthquake, listening to them, addressing their needs, visiting the reality of the tents where they are trying to normalize their lives.

Every morning, we prepare materials to distribute, mainly non-perishable food, and we travel by car more than 50 km from the beautiful city of Marrakech to visit families, learning more about their concerns and worries about what they are going through. At times, we have had to take care of women who have just given birth or individuals who underwent surgery after the earthquake, monitoring and caring for the elderly. We are aware that there is a response to the needs of the population from the Moroccan government in terms of infrastructure, healthcare, etc., but the devastating situation caused by the earthquake will take time to resolve. That is why families are patiently awaiting the reconstruction of their homes and a return to normalcy, facing personal losses with faith and resilience."

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