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Communicating Migration: Migrant Resistance, Resilience, and Activism

Communicating Migration: Migrant Resistance, Resilience, and Activism


Webinar organized by the Scalabrini International Migration Institute


February 14, 2024 from 5pm to 7pm (CET)

To register, please write at: info@simieducation.org

Language: English


Migrant experiences are complex. They are characterised by a number of transitions, contradictions, and simultaneities that are not necessarily observable from a single political or economic orientation. Studying the phenomenon of migration in its multiple dimensions can offer a glimpse at how migrant groups interact with state policies and citizenship codes that subject them to violence and exploitation.


What does the experience of migration mean to those who have lived it? And what can new and digital media offer migrant people in regard to self-representation?


To answer this question, the webinar hosts/features research from transnational scholars in the fields of human mobility, communication, media, and rhetorical studies who employ diverse research methods to describe how migrants and migrant communities carve their spaces of belonging in a hyper-nationalist world through storytelling via both traditional and new media communication technologies. 


For migrants, developing communication strategies is a vital practice of finding social connections, navigating the pressures of assimilation, and maintaining links to various cultures. While migrants’ experiences of being subjected as foreigners are similar: they build communities by telling stories, engage in social media activism, protest in the streets, write scholarly criticism, create art projects, and spread awareness about their cultures.


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