Meeting of women participating in the Synod

Meeting of women participating in the Synod


On Thursday, 19 October, the International Union of Superiors General had the privilege of opening its doors and welcoming consecrated and lay women from all over the world who are taking part in the Synod.


This moment of solidarity represented a unique opportunity for union, sharing and deep communion for all the women present at the Synod.


The Synod represents an important opportunity for consecrated and lay women to make their voices heard within the Catholic Church.


65 of the 87 women invited took part in the meeting, which was a time for sharing ideas and testimonies, reinforcing the sense of belonging to a worldwide community of women dedicated to faith and service within the Catholic Church.


During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in moments of prayer and discussion, an occasion where joy mingled with reflection, and where the beauty of the diversity of experiences and cultures merged into a single voice of faith.

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