Rereading the vows in the light of digital culture

Rereading the vows in the light of digital culture


Presentation of Sr. Mercedes Méndez Siliuto during the webinar Be bold and simple. Rereading the vows in the light of digital culture.


We are bold if our aim is that of discussing and deepening the analysis, in one hour time and in a simple way, of the subtitle of this conference: "Re-reading vows in the light of the digital culture". But this is also an urgent task, because of the amazing speed with which information and communication technologies entered and became part of Religious Life, which hadn’t previously developed its own digital culture, that is to say, some specific theoretical and practical orientations concerning the use (technical skills) and the free, conscious, and responsible (moral) use of ICT in Religious Life.


(...) The digital culture has fostered a sense of community, interconnecting us to other communities and/or provinces of our congregations, and by allowing us to exchange news, experiences, resources, concerns, joys, hopes... but it also involved other Church institutions and the whole People of God in this process. Now more than ever, we can really share, shape, celebrate and engage our faith together. Online meetings have not only allowed for spaces for fraternal sharing, but also for increasingly used spaces for research and discernment that make synodality possible.

"I don't have time" or "It is too expensive" often prove everyday-life excuses for investing time and money in the pursuit of some objectives as opposed to others. Discernment is essential in order to set common priorities. In an individualistic culture such as ours, personal channels are being prioritised over institutional ones. And the same man or woman who says he/she does not have time to write to the rest of the province or the congregation about the beautiful experience he/she has lived in his/her community, or about a resource that has proved useful, keeps his/her personal networks nevertheless updated. To what extent am I willing to communicate who we are, sharing what we live and do?


The digital culture in religious life must move from "I" to "we".


This also entails investing time and resources in goals and activities that make the media truly accessible for the greatest possible number of people. It is essential to train and be trained, a solidarity between generations and social groups is needed to share knowledge and technology. To what extent do I use my time to train others, even if I am not an expert? 



María Mercedes

Estuvo muy interesante , estos nos ayuda en no estar pendiente del móvil. Tenemos que educar o cómo utilizar las tecnologías. A mi me ayudó mucho 🙏


Elizabeth Aduloju

Many thanks for this vital topic and the presentation. Kindly forward the entire presentation by Sr Mercedes to me so I can be adequate in my report in my congregation's monthly newsletter.

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