Programme for the Preparation of Formators

Programme for the Preparation of Formators


The Programme for the Preparation of Formators has been offered by the UISG for women’s religious congregations since 2019. It caters to the needs of formators in this era to prepare them to face the various challenges and complexities of accompanying young women in formation in their congregations. For many of the participants who have gone through the Programme, it has been a graced moment of transformation. They have not only learned many new skills, approaches and insights, but more importantly, they know themselves better and have more fully embraced their ministry as formators with enthusiasm, generosity and hope.  


The Programme uses a process-oriented adult model of learning, which involves the women in their growth through reflection, interaction and active participation.  New concepts are presented in a way that engages the participants through personal reflection, small and large group sharing, interaction with the presenters, and meetings with mentors for deeper integration of learning. The sharing of reflections and experiences with one another provides powerful learning for most of them. 


The fact that the participants come from different countries, congregations and cultures provides a basis for rich sharing and learning in an international, inter-congregational and intercultural context.  This provides opportunities for understanding the challenges inherent in living interculturality and ways to facilitate intercultural living in houses of formation.

Their openness, ability to accept differences, flexibility, and non-judgmental attitude fosters growth in the community they form during the Programme. The synodal process of deep listening, collaboration and participation is encouraged and has been highlighted. 

After five years as the Coordinator of this Programme, I can truly say that I have seen much growth in the women over the years, and by their own admission, the Programme has been beneficial in their lives and ministry.  As times change, needs also evolve and so, each year, the experiences of the previous year(s) were taken into consideration in planning, and new avenues of learning are introduced in line with the current time.   Courses evolved from suggestions of the participants themselves, with the result that there has been nothing static in the Programme, except the desire for profound integration and transformation of the participants spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.  

It has been a tremendous honor and privilege to serve the Church in this important ministry of preparing those who will accompany the new members God will send to our congregations in the future. The ministry is meaningful and relevant. I am confident that God will continue to bless the UISG Programme for the Preparation of Formators and will enable its growth into the future. 


Sr.  M.  Cynthia Reyes, sra
UISG Formators Programme Coordinator


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Silindiwe Shamu

This is great program for the Formators and ongoing.


Mary Pat Garvin, RSM

Sr. Cynthia, Thank YOU for all you have given to the Programme for the Preparation of Formators! Your "presence" to the Sisters and presenters, your organization of the programme, and your sensitivity to the needs of each of the individual participants has been such blessing over the past 5 years. I have enjoyed my time teaching in the programme and working with you! Blessings on your future ministry. You will be missed.


Prothmary Marianantham

This is the process of Formation, before understanding the other person, we need to see first ourselves then can form others too. Forming the Formators according to the signs of the times.

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Programme for the Preparation of Formators

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