Press Release: Course "Social Media Evangelization"

Press Release: Course "Social Media Evangelization"


UISG, iMisión and Católicos en Red together to launch a new course on digital evangelization.

The training will start next February 17, with sessions every Friday via ZOOM until June 30.

The International Union of Superiors General (UISG), the iMisión platform and Católicos en Red (Catholics on the Net) have joined forces to create a new 100% online course on evangelization in social networks. It will reflect on the importance of how to communicate the Gospel message through the new platforms and will provide professional techniques to do so effectively.

"The UISG always invests heavily in training women religious and the laity in the service of the Church so that they have the necessary professionalism, especially in these complex times, to manage communication on social networks," said Patrizia Morgante, UISG Communications Officer. The course, aimed especially at religious sisters belonging to the UISG but also open to any Catholic interested in evangelizing on social networks, will be held simultaneously in Spanish, Italian and English. It will last five months, from February 17 to June 30, and the sessions will take place every Friday from 14:00 to 16:30 (Rome) via ZOOM and THINKIFIC.

"We live in a world in which digital communication plays a very important role in evangelization and in the mission of religious life and the Church," explains Morgante, but in which also "digital and technological development changes very rapidly," and this affects both "the content and the way of narrating the good news." Therefore, " adequate training is necessary to operate within these areas with the desire to build community, communion, meaning and participation.”

In this regard, Xiskya Valladares, a religious of Pureza de María and co-founder of iMisión, points out that " followers of Christ should be experts in communication, since the Gospel is about a message and the sending of messengers, therefore, all congregations should have people trained and assigned to the world of social communication". She also emphasizes that nowadays, this "is fundamental to present Christ as current and close, especially to the youth". For this reason, this course has been developed, in which the participants "will receive all the necessary training to develop this important mission adequately.”

Along the same lines, Gabriel López Santamaría, founder of Católicos en Red, adds that "training in how to communicate the message of Christ is as fundamental as the message itself. So many times we find congregations with a very rich life and charisma, but they are unable to communicate it to the world." "In this course we wanted to offer the main fundamentals so that religious, and any Catholic, have the necessary knowledge to become a digital missionary at the service of the Kingdom," he says. 

At a price of 350 € per participant, registration is now open at https://bit.ly/Curso-Social-UISG. However, a discount of 50 € is available for religious congregations in which more than one member of the same community participates. The discount can be requested through info@catolicos.red.


For more information and inquiries, please contact: info@catolicos.red.


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Good Course


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Me interesa hacer el curso.

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