Prayer for the Synod

Prayer for the Synod


In October we publish the prayers for the Synod written by UISG Staff members.


Holy and Triune God, we thank you for calling us to be Your Church, and for showing her newer and more relevant ways of being the Sign and Sacrament of God.


As the synodal journey which began two years ago, finds its culmination in the Synodal Event in October 2023, we pray for a more intense experience of Your Spirit for all the faithful.  


We thank you for blessing the synodal preparatory work in communities, institutions and by individuals.


May the significant event of the Synod open new doors for the Church in her self-understanding and mission.


May the Synod remain open to grace, and approach all things with humility and courage.


Dispose it to hear “what the Spirit is saying to the Church“ (Rev 3:22) and where the Spirit is blowing it to action.   




Sr. Mary John Kudiyiruppil, SSpS


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