News from Sisters in Ukraine

News from Sisters in Ukraine


Each day we will update any news received about our sisters in Ukraine as they stay with and support the people. This will help us, the worldwide UISG family, to support them with our prayers and our concern and any practical help that we can provide. We will not in general name the congregations or the sisters involved.


“Dear Sisters, please do not stop to pray for Ukraine and for our dear courageous Sisters who live there. The refugees from Ukraine are already in Poland, Romania, even Croatia. Let us open our hearts and help those who are in need.”


Day 1
Glory to Jesus Christ!
Dear Sisters,
We know that all of us with love, pain and grate compassion are praying, thinking and watching news from Ukraine. Here, every evening we will write some information concerning our sisters in Ukraine. This evening we have talked with Provincial Superior and contacted Sisters in various communities (Zaporizhya, Zhytomyr, Poltava, Kyiv). All are alive and relatively safe. Some cannot return to their communities and one group is on the road travelling home. Sisters from Croatia, Poland and Romania are ready to receive Sisters from Ukraine and are warmly inviting them to their communities.
Let us pray together entrusting our dear Ukraine to the Lord and His Providence.


Day 2

Today we have received information about our Sisters in Ukraine and we have contacted Sisters who are in Kyiv. All are alive and none of them are injured. Those Sisters who were travelling home arrived safe to Lviv. There are two Sisters who are moving from Central Ukraine to the West. In Zaporizhya air raidsirens have started to sound the alarm. Poltava at this point is more or less peaceful. Several times during the day there were air raid siren warning alarms in Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv.  Liturgy in Lviv was held in the basement. Sisters in Kyiv lived today under explosions and had to stay in the bombproof shelter. Now they returned to the monastery. Dominican Sisters of Bethany from Latvia today offered their house for Sisters as a shelter.
Let us keep praying and be joined in this loving praying embrace!


Day 3
All the people in Ukraine need our prayers and support.Today two Sisters left Zaporizhya with women and children and now are travelling. Also, today in Lviv the Sisters were learning a First Aid Training. Sisters are having all day and all night adoration.Dear Sisters, we invite you to continue our praying embrace and this night. Ukraine during those days was asking the world to protect their sky. Let us protect it by our prayers. By staying united in the circle of love we will protect those who are in danger.


Day 4
Kyiv - The night was more or less calm. afternoon - Sisters could hear explosions. There are groups of saboteurs close in the area where Sisters live. Zaporizhya - explosions in the morning hours after that it was more or less calm.
Lviv - it was calm until the evening. In the evening there were air raid siren warning alarms. One of the Sisters together with a deacon went to Zhytomyr to meet the women and children. This night they will spend in Dubno (Rivne region). In Ternopil, Vyshnivchyk and Poltava often there were air raid siren warning alarms. Sisters are praying, receiving refugees that are heading to the western border.


Day 5
Today was calm. In the evening air raids were heard in almost all cities of Ukraine. One of the sisters returned to Zaporizhya by train. The sister had a great desire to be there and she was preparing food for the sisters and families. The Sister, who went to Zhytomyr, happily returned to Lviv with women and children. Sisters in monasteries pray, receive and transport refugees who are moving abroad. Also today one of our Sisters was transporting children with their mothers to Poland, and in the evening she happily returned. Two our Sisters who are psychologists participate (online) in volunteer groups to provide psychological assistance to war victims. Also today, volunteers conducted lessons on weaving camouflage nets for the military. Almost all the sisters took part in this activity. Sisters in Kyiv live rather dangerous circumstances but they have written that they are well. 

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