New Leaders: What we can offer in the light of the charism

New Leaders: What we can offer in the light of the charism


Sr. Theresa Purayidathil, Superior General of the Daughters of the Church


New Leaders UISG Campaign


New leaders should, first and foremost, have the awareness of being a gateway mediation, of having a leadership role and service ad tempus, which does not give them personal prestige, and that in time will have to be handed over to another. With an inclusive attitude, they serve the Lord in the lives of the Sisters/Brothers entrusted to them; they try to reconcile firmness and transparency to the truth with the wisdom of the heart that puts people back on the path.


In the circle of fraternity, the leader sometimes chooses to be at the back, sometimes ahead, sometimes next to the others (cf. EG 31). New leaders should exercise their authority in a synodal style. Walking and listening together with others to what God is saying to the Church, to our congregations, is an experience of “synergy” that, with patience and continuous openness to the Spirit, seeks to discern the concrete modalities of mission, while “taking charge” of the world, incorporating and valuing differences.


Redimensioning and/or revitalization have been accompanying us for some time in the discernment of what we can offer in the light of the charism, In the neediest ecclesial realities, with missionary openness to the Church’s demands and in the light of the signs of the times. We seek to harmonize the solicitations of history, of the Church, and of the Institute’s life in a ‘synodal’ process, walking, at all the levels, the not always easy paths of dialogue, discussion, personal and community discernment, sustained by the action of the Spirit.


We seek to accompany the service of leadership also with moments of specific formation for ourselves and for the other Sisters called to this service so that we may respond to our mission.

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