New Leaders: Sowing Hope for the Planet

New Leaders: Sowing Hope for the Planet


Sister Sheila Kinsey, FCJM, Coordinator, Sowing Hope for the Planet


New Leaders UISG Campaign


We do advocacy inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth who continues to guide and inform us on our journey to transform the world.


In the spirit of synodality and solidarity, we are interconnecting grassroots concerns with national and international levels. This work requires cooperation and coordination to be fully effective.

One of our upcoming initiatives to realise this coordination will be a Call to Action from the Sowing Hope network to the global development community, which will be launched in the coming weeks. Through this Call to Action, we want to raise the voices of Sisters and the communities they serve, ensuring their wisdom and experience are placed at the heart of a partnershipsbased approach to ecological challenges.


Our process includes the integration of our values as foundational for developing principles to create social change in our institutions, governments and organisations. With this intentional, systemic approach we are pursuing a critical tipping point for change, to
develop a harmonious and safe way of life for all people and for our common home.

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