New Leaders: Radically live the vocation

New Leaders: Radically live the vocation


Sr. M. José Gay Miguel, Superior General of the Teresian Carmelite Missionaries

New Leaders UISG Campaign


I think that leadership, in this historical moment that we are going through, must put the accent fundamentally on listening, caring, and walking with others. Regarding listening, I want to make some nuances: listening to the Word, listening to the sisters, and listening to reality. We cannot really animate, lead in Jesus’ style, unless we treat contemplation not only as an exercise but as an experience that transcends our whole life.

Together with listening, I consider it fundamental to emphasize the sense of care. Listening would be of little use if we cannot respond in a concrete way to the painful situations that humanity is experiencing. The core of true leadership is none other than encouraging the sisters to radically live the vocation to which we have been called. A vocation structured by the mission.


In this service of leadership, it is fundamental to walk with others. Walking with others means advancing with sincere and determined recognition, certain that we all have something to contribute, much to give in the construction of this humanity that is walking, albeit with difficulties, towards the end for which we have been created: being the family of the children of God.


Meeting with the sisters means constantly encouraging the certainty that we are the image of God and that we have a mission, personally and as a body, which cannot be abandoned: the mission of creating communion, announcing the beauty of every human being, and restoring that image wherever it is veiled.

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