New Associate Executive Secretary UISG

Sr. Mary John, Associate Executive Secretary


The new Associate Executive Secretary of UISG, Sr. Mary John Ssps, has been appointed.  
This is her statement:


"I am Sr. Mary John SSpS and I  belong to the Mission Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit. From 2014- 2022 I served in the general council of the Congregation and was its vice general.


Coming from Kerala- India, I am by profession and training a missiologist with a doctorate in mission theology. I also hold a Master’s Degree in English.  I have served the congregation in India and outside mainly in leadership and education. From 2003- 2010 I was mission secretary at the congregational level coordinating the missionary activities, and Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) initiatives of  the Congregation.  

In April 2022, I joined the UISG as the Associate Executive Secretary. My initiation in to the Union was full-fledged and intense as the Plenary Assembly and the meeting of the Council of Delegates which followed immediately, gave me a good perspective of the overall nature and function of UISG.


The Assembly was an eye-opener to the manifold gifts God has bestowed on the Church through the religious congregations. The Assembly,  which was the fruit of the concerted action of many persons, and particularly that of the dedicated UISG Staff, was a great success in that it deepened reflection on the themes of vulnerability and synodality. The theme of the Plenary Embracing Vulnerability on the Synodal Journey was so fitting to the times we are living through.


What was most encouraging was the fact that after what seemed to be an endless Pandemic, we could meet come together, talk and share around the tables in deep understanding and communion and be strengthened in sprit. 
Working in UISG is a privilege as it gives me access to the world of women religious congregations and their activities globally.


UISG has taken many new strides to support and help women superiors general in their life and mission as congregational leaders. Towards this end, it has initiated several projects and formation programmes.


It is my hope and prayer that together with my colleagues in UISG, I will be able to contribute to fostering a vibrant, and spiritually renewed consecrated life."


Mollina Rego

Hearty Congratulations, Sr. Mary John! Showers of God's blessings on you and the USIG team. Let's move forward together in action and through prayer ! Stay blessed!

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