As women religious, we live synodality in our communities

As women religious, we live synodality in our communities


From May 26 to June 2, 2024, UISG held the Second Symposium of Women Religious Theologians in Nemi (Rome, Italy).

Designed as a platform for women religious theologians, the symposium aimed to nurture theological reflection on religious life by making it contextual and practical.

We asked some participants to share a personal reflection on the symposium through both video and written interviews.

Below, we present the one by Sister Theresa Marie Chau Nguyen, Dominican Sisters of Mary Immaculate Province


“[…] My apostolate is to teach and I love teaching, I love engaging young men and women, opening their minds to the love of God and enlightening their minds and their hearts. So, they can grow in the love for God.
And all of that does not come in isolation but in an ecclesial context.
So, being members of the Church, we feel we belong and we’ve so much to contribute […].

As women religious we live synodality in our communities, within our Church, within our ministries and I believe this is an invitation for women religious and theologians; to make explicit, to expand and to share what we do, what we are called to be in the life of the Church.”

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