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Multimedia International workshop: Pentecost Project

Multimedia International workshop: Pentecost Project


Multimedia International invites to its monthly workshop dedicated to the Pentecost Project.


Download the flyer


Wednesday, December 14th, 2:30pm-3:30pm (Rome time)

The session will be in English with translation into French, Italian and Spanish.


Registration is required - registration link available here.


About the event:

With the support of the Hilton Foundation, the Dicastery for Communication of the Holy See is initiating a project aimed at building a dynamic global network of sisters' voices in the Vatican Media, while at the same time demonstrating how sisters are contributing to the Church's work.


The speaker will be Nataša Govekar - Directress of the Theological-Pastoral Department of the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See.


For more information, please contact: workshops@multimedia-int.org


Zelia Cordeiro dos Santos

Dear organizar, Greetings from Brazil. I am so sorry to have miss this great oportunity. I am learning about the workshop right now and feeling very sorry for not attending. I am in great need for formation in the area of comunications. I am coordinating a team to spear ahead de comunication minitry of my congregation on Brazil and often times i feel very uneasy fornot being uptated on the matter. Would it be possible to have acess to the workshop that took place on Dec. 14th? Thanking you in advance, Sr. Zelia



I will like to recceive information of all your cours please Many thanks sr Marie Benoît


Sofía Henao Guerrero

Me parece interesante conocer las dinámicas de las hermanas que desempeñan el rol de la comunicación en diferentes ámbitos de la iglesia. Soy religiosa y tengo formación en Comunicación Social, por ello, me gustaría participar en el taller. Gracias.


Guadalupe Alfaro Barbosa

Deseo participar en el Taller y tengo interés en el Proyecto Pentecostés.


Karina Cruz



Asuncion Quiroz

Este evento es solo para religiosas o puede participar también los laicos que trabajan en nuestras oficinas de comunicacion

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