Message from Talitha Kum - Wells of Hope in the Middle East

Message from Talitha Kum - Wells of Hope in the Middle East


The Complex nature of the “Syria crises “after over ten years of the brutal war, followed now by the recent deadly earthquake calls for immediate and nonconditional assistance to affected communities and to enhance the country effort to cope and overcome this catastrophe.


As Talitha Kum / Wells of Hope in Syria, we are committed to be on the ground supporting the affected communities aiming to enhance their coping mechanism. This is not only a moral duty, but is also crucial to do as a mitigation measure against human trafficking and other forms of exploitation.


According to UN, over five million persons are expected to be affected by the earthquake. Many of those people are internally displaced when forced to leave their villages and cities during the War.

Currently, we call to support the effort of Talitha Kum to enhance shelter capacity and provide food and other basic needs by supporting community efforts and various local initiatives.

Talitha Kum in Syria is aiming to support 100 families in sheltering via different means, including renting shelter, providing sheltering materials and supporting existing shelters on community level.

The modality will depend on the locations and the status of damaged houses as well as available existing shelters in need of enhance capacity.

Meanwhile, Talitha Kum is planning to continue working on raising awareness on various forms of exploitation including on human trafficking that may target, children, young boys, girls and women. We aim also to identify referral systems among various channels and institutions.

We thank you for your attention to this call and highly appreciate your support.

Maria Rouman / Deeb - Talitha Kum / Wells of Hope in the Middle East


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