Meeting with the US Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR)

Meeting with the US Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR)


On Thursday afternoon on March 23rd, the delegation of the US Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR)  visited the UISG Headquarters to meet with about 50 sisters living in Rome to talk about the updates of the Conference and its future projects.

The LCWR, founded in 1956, has about 1350 members, who represent approximately 67 percent of the nearly 39,000 women religious in the United States.

After the opening words by Sr Pat Murray, IBVM, UISG Executive Secretary, Sr Carol Zinn, SSJ stated that the LCWR is going through a process of change. “LCWR starts using the language that is meant to transform consciousness and heart. We are doing this in two ways: by paying attention to the needs of the world and and by asking ourselves: what do Women Religious have to offer the world today?


Sr Rebecca Ann Gemma, OP recalled painful history of racism present in the religious congregations in the US over the years and described the measures taken by the LCWR to aim for equality: “We have been more intentional about inviting the sisters of color to be in our Committees, because we don’t know what we don’t know.”

Sr Jane Herb, IHM presented the safeguarding work and educational opportunities LCWR provides for their members and Sr Maureen Geary, OP presented some of the future projects of the Conference: the Committee discerning the emerging future as well as the upcoming 4-part series on grief and hope.

Before taking some questions from the audience, sr Carol Zinn reflected on the future of the religious life in the US: “In the US, historically, the congregations are very big – that historical, institutional big structure is coming to an end. I want to reassure you that religious life in LCWR is alive and well! What is coming to an end is the historical structures, so that religious life is becoming small. Facing this changing reality, the LCWR is in the process of creating the support system. My hope is that we can do this journey of transformation together.”


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Margaret Mary Kimmins

thank you


Sr Felicia Matola

Thank you!


Metti Amirtham, SCC

It is very true that religious life in the US or anywhere in the world is not dead. But it is taking a new form, breaking down the historical and traditional structures. We need to let go of certain structures that do not allow us to read, discern and interpret the signs of the times and respond to them effectively.


jacquelyn gusdane,SND

Is it possible to hear the opening words and the two reflections noted above? If so, what is the link? Thank you, Jacquelyn


Sister Maryann Mueller

Thank you for sharing. Yes, we don't know what we don't know which is why we always need to be in tune with what our God is saying to us through those we meet and what we experience in each moment.

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