Meeting for the newly elected Superiors General and Councilors

Meeting for the newly elected Superiors General and Councilors


On Monday, February 26th, more than 250 newly elected Superiors General and Councilors from 57 different countries and 120 congregations joined, both online and in presence, at an annual meeting organized by the leadership of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG). 

The event served to familiarize the attendees with the UISG's role and initiatives, while fostering dialogue and collaboration among them.


The meeting was facilitated by sr. Mary Barron, OLA, the UISG President and sr. Patricia  Murray, IBVM, UISG Executive Secretary.


Sr. Mary Barron, OLA welcomed everyone: “I see UISG as a helpful space for all of us to reflect on the meaning of the consecrated life.” She later led the meeting by highlighting UISG's significance as a space for collective reflection on the consecrated life. She provided insights into the UISG's history, structure and mission, setting the stage for the meeting's discussions.

Sister Patricia Murray then presented the various projects undertaken by the UISG, inviting participants to become actively involved in these initiatives. In addition, she presented the various formation opportunities offered by the Union, suitable for both Superiors General and sisters taking on different roles within their congregations.


The meeting then moved into smaller language groups, facilitating more intimate exchanges between participants to share ideas, raise concerns and explore avenues for collaboration. This interactive segment was followed by a Q&A session, during which sr Mary and sr Patricia responded to queries arising from the group discussions.

Overall, the meeting served as a platform to encourage networking and mutual support among the newly elected leaders, strengthening their ability to navigate the complexities of their roles and contribute effectively to the wider mission of religious life.

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