Meeting of the UISG Council of Delegates

Meeting of the UISG Council of Delegates


"It is important to continue collaborating together."
Sr. Mary Barron, OLA, UISG President


With the presence of nearly 50 delegates from the constellations of the UISG, the Delegates Council began today in Sacrofano (Rome). The meeting, which started with a moment of prayer and the renewal of their commitment to serve the Church, included numerous moments of reflection on the structure of the Union of Superiors General (UISG).

After the prayer, a presentation of the UISG statutes followed. It was highlighted that the statutes, serving as a guideline tool of the organization, specify that if one of the Superiors General, previously appointed as part of the UISG executive committee, is not re-elected as the Superior General of her congregation, her role within the executive committee automatically ceases.


The UISG President, Sr. Mary Barron, OLA, explained the overall organization of the UISG, which consists of:

  • Different Constellations (a representative for each constellation present at the working tables),
  • Plenary Assembly, held every three years and involving all the General Superiors of the religious congregations that are members of the UISG,
  • Delegates Council with different responsibilities,
  • Executive Committee,
  • Expanded Committee of the UISG,
  • Financial Commission
  • Secretariat.

"We are a presence of discernment, decision, action. It's not simple. We need great commitment and prayer," explained Sr. Dolores Lahr, a member of the Executive Council of the UISG, emphasizing the many changes that religious congregations, both female and male, are experiencing today.

The working tables, divided by language (English, Italian, Spanish, and French), were then asked to reflect collaboratively and participatively following the synodal methodology, which fundamentally involves listening: what do the delegates need today? What challenges do they face in their various constellations ? How can they improve in the near future?


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