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Looking to the Future of the Institute of St Anselm

Looking to the Future of the Institute of St Anselm in the Church and Society Today


St. Anselm's Institute is looking for a congregation that will invest personnel into the Institute and take it forward into the future.


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Established in 1984, the Institute of Saint Anselm has provided leadership training programmes primarily for Catholic religious communities, congregations and seminaries world-wide. The Institute has developed a distinctive portfolio of sound, innovative programmes in leadership expertise and human development, which it offers to religious and non-religious community leaders and facilitators. All the courses offered are also suitable for those who are doing a sabbatical.


Over the years, the Institute has sought out and integrated the best innovative methods and techniques to enhance its original courses. The outstanding courses that resulted have drawn praise from all quarters. Most recently, recognizing the importance of the emotions in personal growth and of the need to clear destructive, detrimental emotions from the body, the Institute enhanced its curricula further with the addition of EQ Development Therapy, incorporating Bodywork, a science-based hands-on system of clearing the emotions, ultimately a necessary part of spiritual evolution.

The Institute of St. Anselm is accredited by ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Colleges) and its programmes accredited NCFE.


The Institute of St Anselm was founded under the auspices of the late Cardinal Basil Hume OSB by Father Leonhard Kofler MHM. Whilst still offering highly appreciated lectures and support in many other ways in the Institute, Fr. Len is now 87 with a serious heart condition. He is looking for a congregation that will invest personnel into the St Anselm’s and take St Anselm’s forward into the future, not fossilising it in the present, but rather developing it and leading it forward, for the Universal Church. To take full responsibility for the Institute as part of their Apostolate. We are looking for a commitment from the congregation and above all personnel, the Institute is not in need of money as the programme is viable and we have no debts. Those working at the Institute offer every support for as long as they are given good health by the Lord. 


For further information please contact the Institute:

+44 (0)1843 234700 or +39 0694803855
email: director@st.anselm.org.uk 

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