Leadership, Vulnerability and Self-knowledge

Leadership, vulnerability and self-knowledge


The experience of being online with so many sisters and brothers from so many parts of the world was both powerful and very rewarding. 

During the years of my missionary life, I have realised that many times we do not know the most basic "hows" of spiritual life, of community relationships and of living with ourselves.  This short but intense course led us along pedagogical paths that guide us to the constant and unconditional presence of God in our lives.


Once again, we realised that the differences that apparently separate us are not so great, but that deep down we are all very similar. 
At the core of our being dwells AFFECTIVITY - the great need and capacity to love and be loved. If only we would discover that this is what determines us as people, we would live much more open to God who is love and who created us for love. We would live accepting and embracing our deep humanity that has been created full of beauty and fragility. 


We would live in radical openness to relationship with others, seeking to be witnesses of the Kingdom at every step. 
More than ever, we are called to embrace the vulnerability that constitutes us not as a fashion or a trend, but as the only place where we can receive the authentic revelation of God, who became fragile and vulnerable flesh to be one of us and to be always at our side. Because his grace is enough for us: "God's strength is realised in weakness (2 Cor 12, 9)".

This course gave us tools, ways and suggestions on how to know and enter into our inner world, often so fragile, to allow ourselves to be strengthened by God's gracious embrace that frees us.

Only in this way can our religious leadership be authentic, humble and courageous.


Sr. Paula Jordão, fmvd
UISG Formation Coordinator


Watch the recording of the course:

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