Synodal Church in continuity with its tradition

Synodal Church in continuity with its tradition


Interview with Fr. Emanuele Lupi, Superior General, Missionaries of the Precious Blood during the UIS - USG Joint Meeting (Nov. 22-24, 2023).


What do I expect from this Synod? 
I expect that this Synod will not end when the Synod concludes, but will continue even after. And especially - that what will emerge from the Synod, will then become part of the life of the Church, because we are talking about a new Church, a Synodal Church that in continuity with its tradition, rediscovers new languages, new ways of being able to reach the people of God. 

To be the prophets of hope today, in my opinion, means being conscious of having our feet on the ground and being aware of where we are, of the world in which we find ourselves, but at the same time being dreamers; dreamers of specific things who begin with specific things and propose concrete things. A prophet of hope, in my opinion, is just that. He is a herald of God's word, aware of the place and context in which he finds himself, but who nevertheless, and despite everything, manages to offer a new word.

I think this meeting is very important because, in a way, it had already started during the time of the pandemic, when we had a chance to get together as representatives of the male and female religious life during the Zoom meetings.

So even though we met physically these days, this is a continuation of something that started online. I have dreamed a lot about getting to this point and I dream about continuing along this line; because basically we are expressing what society is, a society where there is a male and female presence together coexisting and planning, running the world. And so to have the exclusivity of women's religious life or the exclusivity of men's religious life without ever meeting, was a little bit biased, I think. Starting from this meeting we are remembering, emphasizing and recalling to each other that we are one expression of religious life, with a male or female, and it helps me to see the completeness of who we are within the Church.

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