To chart paths and joint initiatives, together

To chart paths and joint initiatives, together


Interview with Sister Neusa Fátima Mariano, Superior General of the Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo, during the joint UISG-USG meeting (22-24 November 2023).


The expectation is great and we are very much looking forward to the realisation of this synod with its great theme of journeying together.


In fact, the synod has been for us and continues to be a path that opens up for us to walk together and, at the same time, presents us as consecrated life with a methodology for listening to the other, listening to reality with a divine gaze, with a gaze on Jesus Christ, the centre of our consecrated and missionary life, who urges us to always walk together.


The realisation of this synod brings great hope to consecrated life and also opens up paths of hope for us to be a sign of life and hope in the midst of situations of vulnerability. Above all, it develops in us this capacity and this possibility of walking together with the various realities in the different human peripheries, as a response to Pope Francis, of being a church that goes forth, walking towards the human and existential peripheries and being signs of life and hope in the different human realities.


I believe that in consecrated life, today more than ever, at this time of so many changes, we are called to walk together, to join efforts and initiatives for the various missionary projects of our various congregations.


The organisation of this Joint Assembly (UISG-USG) is already a sign of hope. We believe that with this Assembly, which is already a response to the Synod, we really want to chart paths and joint initiatives so that we can continue to respond faithfully to the various charisms of service and promotion of human life, especially the most threatened human life, and build paths of solidarity and peace together.

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