Insights from the Synthesis Report of the Synod

Insights from the Synthesis Report of the Synod


The second session of conferences organised by the UISG concerning the Synodal Assembly was dedicated to an exploration of the Summary Report of the First Session of the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. Under the guidance of Father Giacomo Costa, SJ, participants engaged in a discussion aimed at understanding the relevance of the report in relation to the experiences lived during the Synod, with a particular emphasis on the need for a profound missionary commitment within the Church.


Father Costa provided a comprehensive overview of the synthesis report, a concise document of less than 40 pages, divided into 20 chapters. Each chapter encapsulates agreements, issues, and proposals arising from various discussions held within the Church during the Synod. The report addresses critical topics, including the theological implications of synodality, the emphasis on mission and evangelical testimony, as well as challenges related to poverty, multicultural contexts, and maintaining a balance between local and universal dimensions.


The Synod's recognition of the rich diversity within the Church, encompassing Eastern traditions, and its commitment to ecumenical dialogue were focal points. Father Costa emphasized the importance of considering the report not only as a theoretical document but also as a call to active engagement in evangelization.


During this session of 13th of Decembre, participants were encouraged to reflect on their personal experiences, taking into account the unique contributions of consecrated life to the Church's journey. The session encapsulated a collective call to adopt a missionary perspective, urging the Church to go beyond rhetoric and actively engage with the world.


As the Synod progresses, the Church seeks to navigate through challenges, recognize its diversity, and remain committed to the path of evangelization and unity. The Synthesis Report of the First Session of the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops serves as a guide for the next steps of the Church, reflecting a shared vision of a dynamic, missionary, and synodal Church.


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